Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Valentin Vasilev (LinkedIn ) and I am an entrepreneur and a multi-disciplinary engineer with extensive experience in managing electronic product design and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of services together with a team of design engineers with who I have close working relationships and do more complex tasks including firmware and mechanical designs.

This operational model allows you to have your products designed and built in short time at a very competitive pricing compared to the average market rates.
Our services are, but not limited to:
Electronic schematic capture, PCB and FPC layout, Prototype manufacturing, Functional test and approval, Design for manufacturing, BOM sourcing, Contract manufacturing, Shipping, Technical support. Rates are negotiable based on the project specification. For all services I provide a UK VAT invoice with Elmzone ltd, which is my limited company. Please do not hesitate to contact me now by email: vxv@elmzone.co.uk or on my mobile number +44 (0)7947573381. Working closely, by face to face meetings at your office helps me understand your projects and needs and to offer the most cost efficient contract professional services. My engineering support team of professionals from UK, Europe and Asia are giving me the opportunity to provide the best service right into your office. One of my most significant project was to set up a facility for design and manufacturing of electronics in one of the fastest developing industrial regions of Plovdiv Bulgaria. See video. Currently I am able to offer a swift, uncomplicated and cost effective methodology to build your products in Plovdiv industrial region. Contact me to discuss the opportunity.

    Electronic hardware and software design experience

    • Electronic Product Concept Design and specifications workout. Experience in IoT Sensors, SMPS, Wireless solutions. • Embedded solutions with Cypress PSoC, ST32, Microchip and other platforms: product design and prototyping. • PCB schematics capture and layout design using Altium Designer, Pulsonix/Easy PC, Eagle, others. Quick prototyping and testing. • Software coding in C


    Small to High Volume Manufacturing

    • Design for manufacturing, Swift prototype making • Firmware design, including software engineers selection/ presentation. • Contract manufacturing with established partners from the UK, Europe, Asia. • Managing BOM: components identification, sourcing and delivery • Mechanical designs specifications for enclosure tools and production test jigs and fixtures • Component soldering and assembly on flexible and rigid PCB.


    With our extensive experience in the business and technology field, we will support you to develop your idea into a completed working device. We have supported applicants for Innovation UK and Innovation Norway. Our services include preparing marketing studies and strategies, develop product roadmaps, identify the new product specification, perform material studies, prepare the list of technical requirements, make prototypes to prove the concept design, talk to prospects in order to understand their specific requirements and prepare a professional business proposal.